Paver sealing & repairing. Why you should seal your pavers!

Should you seal your pavers? Here’s why!
December 18, 2021
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December 28, 2021
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Paver sealing & repairing. Why you should seal your pavers!

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A lot of people don’t understand why you have to seal your pavers every 2-3 years. We wanted to go over some of the reasons why you have to when your home has brick pavers. The picture below is an example of a customers house we did that had damaged pavers. You can tell the pavers that where protect under the roof are in way better shape than the unsealed pavers in the open. If they would’ve sealed their pavers every 3 years they would look just like the ones under the roof “on the right side of the picture”.

Reason #1
Unlevel sinking pavers. This happens when you don’t sand and seal your pavers. The reason is when it rains the water will go down in between the joints of your pavers and wash out the base underneath. This causes them to become unlevel or to sink. The joint sand & sealer we use waterproofs and locks in the joints of your pavers so the rain water cannot go between the joints and wash out any base underneath that supports your pavers. This is just one of the reasons you should sand and seal your pavers.

Reason #2
Decaying or damaging pavers. Like in reason #1 the rain is not your pavers friend. Over time if you don’t seal your pavers to protect them, the top layer of your pavers will start to decay and damage. This happens over time from not sealing your pavers every 2-3 years. The weather has a lot to do with when you should seal your pavers. Say there has been a lot of rain the last 2 years, “like it has been here in north east Florida” that will wear down the pavers & sealer faster. You can tell when you should get your pavers sealed again. The sealer will start to wear down and lose it’s protection. The sealer will start to lose it’s shine and the color enhancement will start to fade away. Sometimes they will turn white if the company or you didn’t use a good higher quality sealer.

Reason #3
Color enhancement & wet look. Even though it’s important to protect your pavers from repairs and damaging. Another reason to seal them is because we can make the colors come out and shine! When you first get pavers installed they are chalky and dull looking. That’s because that’s just how they are when they are made. But the good news is you can get them sealed with color enhancing wet look sealer! This will bring the colors out in your pavers and give them a wet look with a shine! If you go and wet your pavers with the water hose that is how they will look after we get done sealing them! My favorite part to this job is seeing the customers reaction after we seal their pavers. They are always happy with the look of them every time!


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