Do you have pavers sticking up?

Tree roots will grow underneath your pavers and cause them to come up. This can be a serious tripping hazard and if you are selling your house it can cause you to fail inspection. Oak trees are the most common trees that will do this. They have big roots that will grow 10-20ft long from the tree. We will remove all roots that are affecting your pavers to make them level again.

Do you have gaps in your pavers?

We see this a lot on walkways that don’t have enough concrete on the boarder when they are built. This also happens over time as your pavers will shift away from each other, you just can’t help it. Eventually they will separate from each other over time. Luckily, we can close all gaps between your paver walkway, paver driveway, paver patio and paver pool deck.
When it comes to paver repairing and paver restoration Jax Exterior is your go to company. We have done 100s of paver repair and paver sealing jobs in Jacksonville, St Johns, Fruit cove, Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra, and Fleming Island.

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