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Protecting your pavers is very important! Let's face it, pavers are expensive to get installed so why wouldn't you want to protect them? A lot of customers do not know that you have to seal your pavers every 3 years. The reason is, they will start decaying away from the surface. You will start to see little white rocks in them and the smooth top layer of the pavers decaying, which is the first sign of damaging pavers. With our special 2 part 100% water-based sealer you will receive the maximum protection with beautiful color enhancement and extreme wet look shine! Also, weeds and ants are an issue for everyone! With our powerlock jointing sand weeds and ants don't have a chance! You won't believe what your pavers will look like after we clean, sand & seal them! Jax Exterior Pavers & More! company provides Bricks Paver Sealing service only in Jacksonville, FL Ponte Vedra Beach, FL Orange Park, FL Yulee, FL Amelia Island, FL And Fernandina Beach, Florida and fruit cove Florida!