Paver Sealing

Spring is just around the corner! Get your pavers sealed!
December 20, 2022
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Paver Sealing

We all know pavers have exploded into our neighborhoods and they look really good in driveways, patios, pools etc. But did you know you have to seal them every 2-3 years to keep them protected from the elements? Yes, those brick pavers will start to ware down overtime and start to damage, some within 6 months! There are a lot of reasons you should seal your pavers but by far the biggest reason is to protect them from water! Yep, water! When it rains waterdrops from the sky and overtime like a waterfall and a rock it will decay your pavers. Also it will cause you to have paver repairs because the water will travel under your pavers and wash out the paver base that’s supporting your brick pavers. You can stop this by getting your pavers sanded and sealed. We use a special 30-45 silica sand and when sealer is applied to your pavers the paver sealer will turn the paver sand rock hard. This will help with weeds and ants as well. Another reason to get your pavers sealed is appearance. We use a color enhancing wet look sealer that will make your pavers have a wet look. You know like when it rains how your pavers turn dark? That’s exactly how they will look 24/7. paver sealed pool patio

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